Wide shot of grey clouds over the Ural River in Atyrau.

Table of Contents History of Atyrau Tsardom of Russia Era The origins of Atyrau began in the 1550s after Tsar Ivan the Terrible’s soldiers overthrew the Astrakhan and Kazan Khanates. Soon after, they erected a wooden fortress called Ust Yaitsk to protect themselves against the Kazakh clans who sought retaliation.  The fort was located on […]

Golubaya Bay

A man running along a Caspian Sea shoreline near Golubaya Bay.

On the south-west side of the Tub-Karagan peninsula is the half-kilometre-long Golubaya Bay (aka Blue Bay), which is sandwiched between the Uzynkuduk and Tulkili Gorges. Less than a kilometre inland is Tulkili Fortress. Isolated stretches of sandy beach and unnamed rocky coves extend either side of it: 15 km to the south is Cape Segendi (aka Cape Sagyndyk), meaning ‘Devil’s Finger’ […]

Tyuleniy Archipelago

Tyuleniy Archipelago seen from space with colourful water and marshes.

Ten kilometres off the north coast of Tub-Karagan Peninsula is the Tyuleniy Archipelago. Tyulen means ‘seals’ in Russian. The archipelago consists of five named islands. The westernmost Kulaly and Morskoy Islands are the largest and measure 20–30 km in length. The other three are the arid and inhospitable Novy, Rybachy and Podgorny. The nearest place to arrange a boat is […]