Write for Us

Currently, we’re accepting pitches for non-fiction pieces about Kazakhstan. All we need are one or two sentences outlining your idea and, if you have any, links to previously published work. Ideally, we’re after geography, travel or history-related topics. Although, if you have something else in mind that’s related to the country, its neighbouring regions, or you just want to say ‘hi!’, then please get in touch. At the moment we’re unable to offer payment, however this is something on our radar for the future. In return we’ll give you a byline and link back to your site.

Contributor Guidelines

  • 500 words or more
  • 1 or more royalty-free photos. This can be your own or sourced from a free photo site, such as Unsplash. Whatever you supply, it needs to to relate to what you’ve written. For example, don’t provide a picture of a Philly cheesesteak with a story about a Central Asian burial tomb—unless it’s a story about a cheesesteak discovered in a burial tomb!
  • Ensure you proofread it prior to submission. Did you spot the duplicate ‘to’ above? Don’t worry if you missed it. We make mistakes too. Bonus points if you can spot any typos or glaring errors on our site!
  • Link to any relevant sources. This can be a hyperlinked word or phrase in the piece, or supplied at the end.
  • It must be original content (i.e. not copied from somewhere else) and entirely your own work. It also must remain exclusively on Planet Esoterica’s site, meaning you cannot publish it elsewhere online at a later date—we hate being strict, but this is especially important because duplicate content is bad for our site’s SEO and yours too.
  • Include a short bio at the end of the piece. Feel free to include a headshot too.
  • Heads up: Anything you submit will be edited by us, so we might expand (or even omit) a few sentences.

If you’re ready to pitch, fill out your details below or send an e-mail to hello@planetesoterica.com